Greeting of the Dean of the School of Human Sciences

To Everyone who Creates a New Society

Dean of the School of Human Sciences, Inho Chung

The School of Human Sciences builds on a wide range of interests and concerns about human beings and the environment surrounding them, while at the same time acquiring the attitude to scientifically analyze and understand human development and support and specialized knowledge and skills. By utilizing knowledge and skills and proactively and creatively addressing various problems faced by people, we develop human resources that can contribute widely to human society.


The School of Human Sciences was founded in 1975 as the former College of Human Sciences and was modified in 2007 to become the present school. While taking over the “responsibilities of human resources training required by the times” at the time of establishing the Shihan Gakko(Normal School)in 1872, the aim of the predecessors at the time of the founding of the School of Human Sciences in 1975 was, “The true image of an unknown human being. It is a study that scientifically pursues and investigates the nature of human beings and their ideals from a broad, interdisciplinary perspective.” After that, as the organization and curriculum of universities changed, the origin of the School of Human Sciences, which pursues humans scientifically and investigates their essence, has not changed.


The School of Human Sciences currently extends from three specialized disciplines: Education, Psychology, and Disability Science. In the 45-year history of the Faculty of Human Sciences, in order to fulfill the mission and responsibilities of the times, we have created a large number of human resources who are active in all aspects of society, such as companies, administration, education, welfare and medicine.

Currently, we are pushing towards a new society (Society 5.0) developed by the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is expected that the academic fields that transcend humanities and sciences will be fused in universities, and that education and research that utilize artificial intelligence will be developed. The image of human resources required by society is also changing, as people are increasingly required to have creative ideas and flexible thinking. In such a world, it is the social responsibility of the humanities group to keep questioning human beings and their way of life, and it can be said that this is the starting point of the studies that the humanities group pursues. The School of Human Sciences has great value as scholarship that pursues knowledge and thoughts in order to live in the society of the future.


I believe that it is the social responsibility of the humanities group to develop human resources who will create a symbiotic society in the future, while at the same time learning from the history of the past. To everyone who will create and lead the society: please develop your sensibilities and train your wisdom and creativity in the humanities.

We look forward to seeing you in the School of Human Sciences!