Theme of doctoral thesis

The theme of the doctoral thesis that has been recently submitted is presented below :


Characteristics of salivary biomarkers in educational settings for children with disabilities
Effects of disability disclosure on awareness process of nondisabled college students in interacting with peers with low vision: a study focusing on disability disclosure contents, methods, receiver’s characteristics
The formation of large residential school for the blind and its transition to integration: 1930s to the beginning of 1980s-
Executive function disorder and reading difficulty: study of children with high-functioning pervasive developmental disorders
A study on cognitive strategies for identification of environmental sounds in individuals with hearing impairment
Teacher’s practice of Chiryo and its conversion at Tokyo Metropolitan Komei school for the physically disabled


Analytic studies of falls among elderly person with and without dementia in nursing home and residential homes
Expansion of behavioral consultation in elementary school settings : analysis based on social contingency associated with behavior problem
Psychophysiological study of efficacy of the cue on cognitive inhibition during interference tasks in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
Effects of video feedback on training parents of children with developmental disorders
A study on learning to read and spell Japanese syllabic characters in children with autism
Characteristics of textual information in speech-to-text translation service with computers for university students with hearing impairment: focusing on the factors of class situations, translators, and users


Relationship between phoneme perception, reading, and phonological processing in children with reading difficulties
Perception of academic achievement and self-monitoring
A study on relational learning of children with autism spectrum disorders


A study on professional development of teachers in education of children with severe and multiple disabilities
Historical development of the Chicago public day school for the deaf, 1860-1920


Development and intervention of the early conversation in children with pervasive developmental disorders
A study of support based on functional assessment for students with behavioral challenges: discussion about contextual fit in elementary schools and acquisition of skills for teachers