KAKIZAWA Toshibumi Educational Psychology of Persons with Visual Impairment and Blindness
KUMAGAI Keiko Study on Intervention for Learning Disabilities
TAKEDA Kazunori Pediatrics, Special needs education
CHUNG inho Deaf Education, Psychology of Deaf
TSUGE Masayoshi Psychological and pedagogical study of the instruction and lesson study in the schools. And study on the promotion of the special needs education from a viewpoint of the public administration
NORO Fumiyuki Applied Behavior Analysis
HARASHIMA Tsuneo Auditory processing and the disorders, Education for hearing handicapped, Accessibility service for hearing handicapped
OKA Noriko Principles on Disability Sciences
UONO Shota Special needs education, Experimental psychology
OKAZAKI Shinji Psychophysiology of Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities
KOBAYASHI Hideyuki Education for Persons with Visual Impairments
MIYAMOTO Shoko Education for Persons with Speech Impairment
SASAKI Ginga Applied Behavior Analysis
SATO Atsuko Special needs education
LAMICHHANE KAMAL Special needs education, Economic policy
WADA Tsunehiko Acupuncture and Physical Therapy
YONEDA Hiroki Education and Welfare for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities
NAGAWA Masaru Social welfare and social work studies
OMURA Miho ※concurrently/Social welfare and social work studies
MIYAUCHI Hisae Principles on Disability Sciences
MORICHI Toru Support of community life in persons with intellectual disabilities
OZAWA Atsushi ※concurrently/ Social welfare and social work studies
KAWAMA Kennosuke ※concurrently/ Special needs education
SASHIMA Tsuyoshi ※concurrently/ Disability science for the person with visual impairment
YAMANAKA Katsuo ※concurrently/ Psychology of the welfare and care for the elderly