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The 46th Faculty of Human Sciences Colloquium (10/10/2018)

Title: Toward establishing "behavioral design" based on computational methods for measuring and analyzing the behavior   

Lecturer: Assistant Prof. Matsuda Soichiro

Oct  10 (Wed) 12:15 – 13:15

Room 210‚ Master's Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences 8B

This presentation aims to highlight collaboration among psychologists and engineers in using social imaging technology for autism research. The goal of this multidisciplinary research team is to measure social interactions of children with ASD via the use of wearable/robotic devices, measuring such behaviors as body contact, approaching others, turn taking, along with the facial expressions and ECG signals that accompany and follow these interactions. Such a series of measurements provides a promising means of understanding social behaviors in children with ASD, and they also indicate potential new intervention strategies through the immediate reinforcement of social behavior based on computational measurement.

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