Messages from students

Yukiko Ochiai, fresher at the College of Disability Sciences

I decided to enter the College of Disability Sciences because my goal, since my junior high school days, has been to become a special needs school teacher. The University of Tsukuba is one of the very few universities in Japan where you can study all of the five special needs education areas (schools for the blind, for the deaf, for the intellectually disabled, for the physically disabled, and for the health impaired), and it has many faculty members, helping me to broaden my interests. In the College, I’ve found that each student has a clear vision of his/her own future goals and is making efforts toward those goals. Each individual has different views and viewpoints on the same issue, and this makes life at school interesting and exciting. Also, there are less students at the College of Disability Sciences than at other colleges, and all of the students are really friendly to each other, regardless of gender, creating a comfortable atmosphere. I’m a fresher and yet to take high-level classes, but I really enjoy studying deeply my subjects of interest, and look forward to my coming years at the university.

Nanase Sato, sophomore at the College of Disability Sciences

Hello, there. I’m Nanase Sato, a sophomore at the College of Disability Sciences. I wish to get involved in supporting children with developmental disorders in an inclusive educational environment where all children, with and without disabilities, can learn together. The College of Disability Sciences at the University of Tsukuba has many faculty members and offers education in various fields of disability sciences. You can not only acquire expertise but also explore these fields in close contact with the faculty members. The university’s beneficial policy of allowing students to take classes at the other colleges is one of the reasons why I selected the University of Tsukuba. This provides me with different views and viewpoints, and is very refreshing. My daily university life is very busy, with my studies, circle activities, part-time jobs, etc. (including a bit of anxiety over living alone), but full of joy and excitement thanks to my good friends around me. I’m hoping to study with you on the broad campus of the University of Tsukuba.

Risako Machida, junior at the College of Disability Sciences

I decided to enter the College of Disability Sciences in the hope of becoming a teacher at a special needs school. I’m currently taking classes based on the course curriculum model for special needs education, to become a teacher with special expertise after graduation. At the College of Disability Sciences, you can acquire broad and deep knowledge about disabilities, as you can study a comprehensive range of disabilities from various aspects. You can also study subjects of personal interest in addition to your major, as you are welcome to study subjects beyond the disciplinary boundary at the university. I’m personally taking classes in the College of Japanese Language and Culture to increase my knowledge of the Japanese language, as I have chosen the Japanese language for my basic teacher’s license. The timing of classes in the College of Japanese Language and Culture sometimes conflicts with that of my required classes in the College of Disability Sciences, but I have somehow managed to study both, thanks to mutual consultations with and encouragement from my warmhearted and generous friends at the College of Disability Sciences. The chance to get to know such good friends is another major benefit of attending the College of Disability Sciences.

Tomonori Nakamura, senior at the College of Disability Sciences

I have a hearing disorder. Thanks to the College’s informational support, however, I have been able to study the disability sciences along with the other students. The classes and exchanges with senior and junior fellow students, which I have enjoyed over what may seem long time but to me has seemed a short four years at the college, have given me an opportunity to study more deeply various kinds of disability, including hearing disorders, etc. Many of the students I have met were keenly interested in studying disability, creating an ideal learning atmosphere. I have a strong desire to continue my study of disability, and hope to deepen my understanding at the graduate school of the University of Tsukuba, after graduation.
I have also been able to study fully other subjects of interest to me, such as Chinese literature, classical literature, etc., by taking advantage of the educational system at the university, which allows students to take classes at the other colleges. I hope you, too, enjoy studying various subjects from various viewpoints, in addition to your major at the University of Tsukuba, and I look forward to seeing you at the university.