Title Assistant Professor
Email yamaguchi.kazuhir.ft#@#u.tsukuba.ac.jp (please replace #@# with @)
URL https://sites.google.com/site/kazzstat/
Degree Ph.D. (Education)
Division Psychology
Research Field Psychometrics, Educational Measurement, Bayesian Statistics
Undergraduate Program College of Education in School of Human Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main) Psychology (Master's Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Development of method for cognitive diagnosis models (CDM) or diagnostic classification models (DCMs) and their application.
Application of Bayesian statistical method to psychometrics or educational measurement fields.

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Yamaguchi, K., & Okada, K. (2021). Variational Bayes inference algorithm for the saturated diagnostic classification model. Psychometrika, 85(4), 973-995.
  • Yamaguchi, K., & Okada, K. (2020). Hybrid cognitive diagnostic model. Behaviormetrika. 47, 497–518.
  • Yamaguchi, K. (2020). Variational Bayesian inference for the multiple-choice DINA model. Behaviormetrika. 47, 159-187.
  • Yamaguchi, K., & Okada, K. (2020). Variational Bayes inference for the DINA model. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics. 45(5), 569-597.
  • Yamaguchi, K., & Okada, K. (2018). Comparison among cognitive diagnostic models for the TIMSS 2007 fourth grade mathematics assessment. PLoS ONE, 13(2): e0188691.
Scientific Membership

The Japan Association for Research on Testing
The Behaviormetric Society of Japan
Japanese Society of Computational Statistics
Psychometric Society
and so on.

Social and Outreach Activity
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