Title Assistant Professor
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Degree Ph.D.(Disability Sciences)
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Support for college student with disabilities, Developmental disabilities, Career Support
Undergraduate Program
Graduate School Program (Main)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Support for college student with disabilities, Developmental disabilities, Career Support

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Sueyoshi, A. & Tsuge, M. (2022) A Qualitative Study on the Possibility of Using Reflection Sheet at the Time of Interviews in Employment Transition Support for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder : From Interviews with Users and Supporters of Employment Transition Support. Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences, 46, 189-201.
  • Sueyoshi, A. & Tsuge, M. (2021) Preparation and Utilization of the Sheet for Reviewing Experiences to be used in Support of Work Experience for Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder : Practicing Reflective Interviews Focusing on Changes in Students’ Self-understanding and Self-efficacy. Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences, 45, 269-284.
  • Sueyoshi, A. Sasaki, G. & Takeda, K. (2020) Support for Difficulties Experienced by College Students with Developmental Disabilities using Small Empowerment Group : Trial of Group Activities of Students with or without Developmental Disabilities. Japanese Journal of Higher Education and Disability, 2(1), 34-46. 
  • Sueyoshi, A. & Tsuge, M. (2020) Survey of Retrospective Interviews in Employment Experiences of Students with a Tendency of Autism Spectrum Disorder : From Interview Survey with Supporters for Employment. Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences, 44, 19-32.
  • Sueyoshi, A. & Tsuge, M. (2018) Relationship Between the Autism Spectrum Tendency of University Students and Consciousness of Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy, Career Maturity, Occupational Experience in Job Hunting : Results of a Questionnaire Survey Using AQ at A University. Japanese Journal of Learning Disabilities, 27(2),224-235.
Scientific Membership

The Japanese Association for Special Education
Japan Academy of Learning Disabilities
Association of Disability Sciences, Japan
Japan Society of Vocational Rehabilitation
The Japanese Society for the Study of Career Education

Social and Outreach Activity
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