SATO, Atsuko

Title Associate Professor
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Deaf and hearing impairment
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Disability Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main) Disability Sciences (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub) Rehabilitation Science (Master's Program)
Research Themes

Deaf and hearing impairment 
Language development of deaf and hearing impaired children
Educational support for deaf and hearing impaired children

Publications/Major Achievements

Sato, A, & Aizawa, H. Yokkaichi A(2012)Verb usage by children who are deaf:Development of the ability to use verbs differentially according to context. The Japanese Journal of Special Education, 49(6), 701-712.

Scientific Membership

The Japanese Association of Special Education
Association of Disability Sciences, Japan
The Japanese Society of Hearing and Language Disorders
Japan Society of Developmental Psychology  
The Japanese Association of Educational  Psychology

Social and Outreach Activity
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