Title Associate Professor
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Degree Ph.D.(Disability Sciences)
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Support for college student with disabilities, developmental disabilities, organizational behavior management, assistive techonology, child welfare
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Disability Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main) Disability Sciences (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes
  1. Academic and career development for college student with developmental    disabilities in post-secondary education
  2. Organizational behavior management for the establishment of PDCA cycle in educational or welfare facilities
  3. Independence support using assistive technology for children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities
Publications/Major Achievements
  • Sasaki, G., Tabaru, K., Gomi, Y., Aoki, M., Miyauchi, H., Okazaki, S., Noro, F., & Takeda, K. (2018) Survey for inherent requirements at universities in Australia: Toward clarification of processes in providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. The Japanese Journal of Special Education, 56(3), 157-168.
  • Sasaki, G., Aoki, M., Gomi, Y., Takeda, K. (2018) Preliminary evaluation of learning supports by college students with developmental disabilities. Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences, 42(1), 247-256.
  • Sasaki, G. & Noro, F. (2017) Promoting verbal reports and action plans by staff during monthly meetings in a Japanese residential home. Behavioral Interventions, 32(4), 445-452.
  • Sasaki, G. & Noro, F. (2017) A plan, do, check, act cycle of support for children in residential care: A staff management intervention. Journal of Special Education Research, 6(1), 11-23.
  • Sasaki, G., Aoki, M., Gomi, Y., & Noro, F. (2017) Facilitation of self-learning in a college student with autism spectrum disorder: Improvements of motivation for learning by using a behavioral contracting. Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences, 41(1), 221-230.
  • Sasaki, G., Sakai, T., Suginaka, T., Miyamoto, S., & Noro, F. (2016) A Nationwide survey on independent living service plans for children at children’s homes: An application to daily living assistance for children. Japanese Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect, 18(1), 81-92.
  • Sasaki, G., Shi, Y., & Noro, F. (2016) The Effects of Physical Guidance and Fading on skill generalization of operation of chopsticks of a child with pervasive developmental disorders and intellectual disabilities. Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences, 40(1), 43-53.
  • Sasaki, G., Okumura, M., Noro, F., & Sonoyama, S. (2015) Treatment of aggressive and self-injurious behaviors for a child with Autistic Spectrum Disorders using self-recording: Analysis of instruction by the framework of rule-governed behavior. The Japanese Journal of Autistic Spectrum, 12(2), 13-22.
  • Sasaki, G. & Noro, F. (2014) The effects of an approach in applied behavior analysis for care workers and a child in a foster home: Using behavior recording and an intervention based on functional behavior assessment, The Japanese Journal of Psychology for Human Services, 11(1), 37-47.
Scientific Membership

Association for Behavior Analysis International

Association on Higher Education And Disability

The Japanese Association for Special Education

Japan Academy of Learning Disabilities

Social and Outreach Activity

Steering Committee, Center for Diversity, Accessibility and Career Development, University of Tsukuba.

Meeting executive committee, Association on Higher Education And Disability JAPAN

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