OZAWA, Atsushi

Title Professor
Email ozawa-a#@#human.tsukuba.ac.jp (please replace #@# with @)
URL https://www2.human.tsukuba.ac.jp/rehabili/en/
Degree Ph.D.in Health Science
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Social Work for Persons with Disabilities
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Disability Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main) Rehabilitation Science (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub) Disability Sciences (Master's Program, Doctoral Program), Counseling (Master's Program), Counseling Science (Doctoral Program)
Research Themes

Analysis and evaluation on systems for supporting community life for persons with disabilities
Evaluation on care management for persons with disabilities
Advocacy and supported decision making of persons with intellectual disabilities

Publications/Major Achievements
  • A.Ozawa: Discussion on the Trends of Studies in the Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology:Re-examination of the Difference between Sociology in Medicine and Sociology of Medicine, The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology, 31(1), 21-25, 2020.
  • A.Ozawa: Discussion on Rights of Persons with Disabilities: Development of Measures for Persons with Disabilities after the Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Japan, Sogo Rehabilitation, 48(8), 721-725, 2020.
  • A.Ozawa: Trends and Problems with Social Welfare Services for Persons with Disabilities, Journal of Social Security Research, 2(4), 442-452, 2018.
  • A.Ozawa: Trends in Social Welfare Policies for Persons with Disabilities and Issues on Supported Decision Making of Persons with Disabilities, Japanese Journal on Developmental Disabilities, 40(2), 87-93, 2018.
  • A.Ozawa., G. Oishi., & Association of Care Managers for Persons with Disabilities in Kawasaki city: Case Study on Supported Decision Making of Persons with Disabilities, Gendaijinbun-sha, 10-31, 2017.
  • A.Ozawa & H. Sato: Introduction on Social Welfare for Persons with Disabilities, Yuhikaku, 44-149, 191-217, 2016.
  • A.Ozawa: Strength Case Management Training Manual for Care Managers for Persons with Disabilities, Chuohoki, 4-21, 51-144, 2015.
  • A.Ozawa: The Present Conditions and Prospects of Deinstitutionalization in Japan, Social Welfare Studies, 124, 32-38, 2015.
Scientific Membership

Japan Society of Public Health
Japan Society for the Study of Social Welfare
The Japan Society of Health and Medical Sociology
The Research Association for Community Development
Japan Association for the Study of Developmental Disabilities
Japan Academy for Comprehensive Rehabilitation
Japan Society of Care Management

Social and Outreach Activity
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