Title Assistant Professor
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Degree Doctor of Social Welfare
Division Disability Sciences
Research Field Social Welfare
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Disability Sciences
Graduate School Program (Main) Disability Sciences (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Supported Decision Making
Care Management for Persons with Disabilities

Publications/Major Achievements
  • A study on the present situation of support for after-school day service
    Toru Morichi, Miho Omura, Atsushi Ozawa
    Japanese Journal of Disability Sciences /(43)/pp.117-124, 2019-03
  • An Assessment of the Quality of Care Management Practices for Disabled People
    -A Study of the Changes in Users’ Living Conditions from the Perspective of Care Managers-
    Toru Morichi, Atsushi Ozawa, Tsukasa Yonamine, Takuya Hashimoto, Yasuhiko Tarui, Yuka Shimizu, Masakazu Shirasawa
    Japanese Journal of Care Management/(16)/pp.47-55, 2018-02
  • Research on the factor of the developments in user’s life condition associated with the utilization of the consultation support business
    Toru Morichi, Atsushi Ozawa
    Comprehensive Rehabilitation/18(2)/pp.127-133, 2017-12
  • A Study on Comparison of Life Satisfaction Level of Persons with intellectual disabilities about Change of Residential Environment by Transition of Regional Life
    Toru Morichi, Miyuki Muraoka
    Journal of Health and Welfare Statistics/58(12)/pp.20-27, 2011-10
  • A Study on the Effects of Relocation from Institution to Community Settings for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
    Toru Morichi
    Japanese Journal of Social Welfare/51(4)/pp.80-90, 2011-02
  • Use of Home Help Services in Group Home for people with intellectual disabilities
    Toru Morichi
    Japanese Journal of Studies on Disability and Difficulty /12(3)/pp.230-236, 2006-11
Scientific Membership

Japanese Society for the Study of Social Welfare
Japanese Association for the Study of Developmental Disabilities
Association of Disability Sciences, Japan
Japan Society of Care Management
Japan Society for Disability Studies
Japan Academy for Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Social and Outreach Activity

Japanese Association for the Study of Developmental Disabilities
Editorial Committee, 2018.4-present


Japan Network of Supported Decision Making
 Executive Director, 2017.12-present


Association of Disability Sciences, Japan
Secretary, 2014.4-present


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