MATSUI, Yutaka

Title Professor Emeritus
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Division Social psychology
Research Field Critical Incident Stress, Interpersonal relation
Undergraduate Program
Graduate School Program (Main)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Critical Incident Stress of firefighters, nurses, civil servant
Romantic behavior, Grief

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Yutaka MATSUI 2017  Overview of support activities and research by psychologists related to the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Japanese Psychological Review2017, Vol. 60, No. 4, 277–284.
  • Mami Numata, Linda M. Hartling & Yutaka Matsui 2018  Development of a Japanese version of the Humiliation Inventory.  The Japanese Journal of Psychology, 68, 262-269.
  • Yutaka MATSUI 2019  Psychological Support in Disaster of Critical Incident Stress in the Great East Japan Earthquake.  The Japanese journal of stress sciences, 33(4), 311-321.
  • Yutaka Matsui 2019   What is Critical Incident Stress? Kawadeshobousinsha.
  • Nakamine,S., Kobayashi,M., Fujita,H., Takahashi,S. & Matsui,Y. 2018. Posttraumatic stress symptoms in victims of the Tokyo subway sarin attack: twenty years later. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 37, 794-811.
Scientific Membership

The Japanese Psychological Association
The Japanese Society ofSocial Psychology
Japanese Society of Traumatic Stress Studies

Social and Outreach Activity
  • 2001-present  Tokyo Fire Department as supervisor to Critical Incident Stress Care
  • 2003-present  Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as a member of the emergency mental support team for firefighters
  • 2015-present  Local Government Employee Safety & Health Association as Mental health support specialist dispatch business specialist
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