KIM Hyunjin

Title Associate Professor
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Degree Ph.D.(Education)
Division Education
Research Field Social Studies, Geography Education
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences , College of Education
Graduate School Program (Main) Education (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

International comparative study of curriculum in geography education
Study of children’s environmental awareness through map-making activity
Capabilities approach in education

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Hyunjin KIM, Ryuta YAMAMOTO, Naoyuki ITO and Takashi SHIMURA:Development of the GeoCapabilities project in Japan: furthering international debate on the GeoCapabilities approach, International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, Vol.29, pp.244~259, 2020.
  • Hyunjin KIM and Barbara MUHIC:A study of children’s environmental awareness and discovery of hidden geographies based on the award winning maps from the Asahikawa environmental map contest,European Journal of Geography , Vol.11, No.2, pp.19~32, 2020.
  • Hyunjin KIM, Yoshiyasu IDA, and Takashi SHIMURA:A Japan’s Geography Education at a Turning Point, The 12th Korea-China-Japan Joint Conference on Geography(Jeju, Korea), Toward Sustainable Environments and Human Society, pp.316~319 , 2017.
  • Hyunjin KIM:17 Trends of School Geography in Asia, in Ida, Y. , et al., eds. Geography Education in Japan, Springer, pp.185-194, 2015.
Scientific Membership

Japanese Association for the Social Studies
The Geographic Education Society of Japan
The Association of Japanese Geographers
Korean Association of Geographic and Environmental Education

Social and Outreach Activity

The Society for Environmental Map Education (SEME)
Japan Committee for International Geography Olympiad

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