Title Assistant Professor
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Degree Ph. D. in Education
Division Education
Research Field Comparative and International Education
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Education
Graduate School Program (Main) Education (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
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Research Themes

What kind of changes will globalization bring to education? My research focuses on the changes in ‘national’ education in a global age. I have examined the citizenship education policy in England and how social integration and national identity/ies were discussed in terms of curriculum reform. My research interest is to explore how boundaries between the citizen and non-citizen/ a national and foreigner have been constructed and how education policy affected to maintain and transform of the boundaries. For further research, I will continue to examine the development of citizenship education policy and education for immigrant children. I will also consider the theory and practice of international education including international baccalaureate.

Publications/Major Achievements

Selected Publications

  • Kikuchi, K. (2018). Citizenship education policy in England. Tokyo: Toshindo.


  • Kikuchi, K. (2016). Educational support for ethnic minority children in England, in Sonoyama, D. (ed.). New challenges for migrant education in Europe and Japan, 72-88, Kyoto: Nakanishiya Shuppan.


  • Kikuchi, K. (2018). Educational issues and support for ‘children crossing borders’ in England: Focusing on refugee and asylum-seeker children. International Education: Bulletin of the Japan Association for International Education, 24, 50-60.
  • Kikuchi, K. (2015). National identity in citizenship education policy in England: Focusing on national curriculum introductory period. Comparative Education: Bulletin of the Japan Comparative Education Society, (50), 45-65.
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Japanese Educational Research Association
Japan Comparative Education Society
Japan Association for International Education

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