ISODA, Masami

Title Professor
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Degree Ph.D.(Education)
Division Education
Research Field Mathematics Education
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Education
Graduate School Program (Main) Education (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Mathematics Education

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Masami Isoda (2019). The road of the German Book Praktishe Analysis into Japanese Secondary School Mathematics Textbook (1943-1944): An Influence of the Felix Klein Movement on the Far East. In Weigand, H. G., McCallum, W., Menghini, M., Neubrand, M., and Schubring, G. edited, The Legacy of Felix Klein, Switzerland: Springer. 117-129.
  • Klaus Rasmussen, Masami Isoda (2019). The intangible task – a revelatory case of teaching mathematical thinking in Japanese elementary schools. Research in Mathematics Education (RRME), 21(1).43-59.
  • Masami Isoda, Somchai Chitmun, Orlando Gonzalez (2018). Japanese and Thai Senior High School Mathematics Teachers’ Knowledge of Variability. Statistics Education Research Journal, 17(2). 196-215.
  • Masami Isoda, Shigeo Katagiri (2016). Pensamiento matemático: cómo desarrollarlo en la sala de clases, 2a ed. Santigago: Centro de Investigación Avanzada en Educación, Universidad de Chile.
  • Masami Isoda (2015). Dialectic on the Problem Solving Approach: Illustrating Hermeneutics as the Ground Theory for Lesson Study in Mathematics Education. In Sung Je Cho edited,Selected Regular Lectures from the 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education. Swaziland: Springer. 355-381.
  • 礒田正美 (2015). 算数・数学教育における数学的活動による学習過程の構成:数学化原理と表現世界、微分積分への数量関係・関数領域の指導.  東京:共立出版.
  • Maitree Inprasitha, Masami Isoda, Patsy Wang-Iverson, Ban-Har Yeap edited. (2014). Lesson Study: Challenges in Mathematics Education.Singapore: World Scientific.
  • Masami Isoda, Shigeo Katagiri (2012). Mathematical Thinking: How to develop it in the Classroom. Singapore: World Scientific.
  • 礒田正美, Maria G. Bartolini Bussi 編(2009). 曲線の事典:性質・歴史・作図法. 東京: 共立出版
  • Masami Isoda (2010). Concrete models and dynamic instruments as early technology tools in classrooms at the dawn of ICMI: from Felix Klein to present applications in mathematics classrooms in different parts of the world.  ZDM International Journal on Mathematics Education, 42(1). 19-31.
  • Abraham Arcavi, Masami Isoda (2007). Learning to Listen: from historical sources to classroom practice. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 66(2). 111-129.
  • Masami Isoda, Max Stephens, Yutaka Ohara, Takeshi Miyakawa (2007). Japanese Lesson Study in Mathematics: Its Impact, Diversity and Potential for Educational Improvement. Singapore: World Scientific.
Scientific Membership

Japan Society of Mathematical Education
Mathematics Education Society of Japan
Japan Society of Science Education

Social and Outreach Activity

APEC HRDWG Project Overseer (2006-)

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