IDA, Yoshiyasu

Title Professor
Degree Ph.D. (Science)
Division Education
Research Field Social Studies, Geography Education
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Education
Graduate School Program (Main) Education (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

Theoretical and practical research in social studies and geography education

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Usefulness of augmented reality (AR) technology in geography education; A discussion focusing on location-based AR. 2018.
  • Junior high school geography chat story 40. 2018.
  • ESD in geography, history, civics and social studies. 2017.
  • Geography education in Japan.International Perspectives in Geography AIJ Library 3, Springer, 2015, 243p, Yoshiyasu Ida, Minori Yuda, Takashi Shimura, Shunsuke Ike, Koji Ohnishi and Hideki Oshima eds.
  • Disaster preparedness in geography education in Japan.
    Journal of Geographical Research, No.61, November 2014, pp.69-82.IDA.Y.
  • Region and educationAttraction of education in the region. 2012.
  • Japan:GIS-enabled field research and a cellular phone GIS application in secondary school, (Ida,Y. and Yuda,M), Milson,A.J., Demiric, A. and Kerski,J.J eds. International perspectives on teaching and learning with GIS in secondary school. Springer, 2012 pp.141-149.
  • Social studies and regionBasic theory and practice. 2005.
  • Lovely New Zealand. 1996.
  • Air passenger’s flows and airport hinterlands.1994.
Scientific Membership

Japanese Association for the Social Studies
The Geographic Education Society of Japan
The Association of Japanese Geographers
Japanese Educational Research Association for the Social Studies
The Human Geographical Society of Japan
Japan Association for International Education
Society of Oceanian Education Studies
Japanese Educational Research Association
The Academic Society for Education of the University of Tsukuba
Social Education and Research Association



Social and Outreach Activity

International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education(2005-2010)

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