ENDO, Yusuke

Title Assistant Professor
Email endo#@#human.tsukuba.ac.jp (please replace #@# with @)
Degree Ph.D.(Education)
Division Education
Research Field Science Education
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Education
Graduate School Program (Main) Education (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

The aims and objectives on science education,
Science education in Germany
Competence-oriented science education

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Endo, Y.: The Development of Competencies and their Assessment in the Chemistry Curriculum for Upper Secondary Level in Germany―Focusing on the Areas of Competence “Kommunikation”and “Bewertung/Reflexion”―, Journal of Science Education in Japan, Vol.41, No.1, pp.36-46, 2017.
  • Endo, Y.: Viewpoints on Developing the Competence Model in Science Education in Germany―Focusing on the Articulation between Elementary and Secondary Education―, Journal of Research in Science Education, Vol.56, No.4, pp.409-420, 2016.
  • Endo, Y.: The Characteristics of the Competence-oriented Science Curriculum in Germany―Focusing on the Areas of Competence in Chemistry―, Journal of Research in Science Education, Vol.55, No.2, pp.169-179, 2014.
Scientific Membership

Society of Japan Science Teaching
Japan Society for Science Education
The Japanese Association of Teaching and Learning Materials
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japan Curriculum Research and Development Association

Social and Outreach Activity
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