AN, Tingting

Title Assistant Professor
Degree Doctor of Education
Division Psychology
Research Field Clinical Psychology
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Psychology
Graduate School Program (Main) Psychology (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

support for international students, mental health of international students, help-seeking, iCBT

Publications/Major Achievements
  • An, T. & Nagai, S.(2020)A Comparative Study of Japanese and Chinese Students on Recognition about the Effectiveness of Help-seeking and Their Help-seeking Intention on Depression, the Japanese Journal of Psychology, 91(2), 142-148.
  • An, T.(2019)Do Chinese International Students Use the Student Advising Room: International Student Advising Practice at a Japanese Language School, Journal of International Students Advisors and Educators, 21, 77-88.
  • An, T. & Nagai, S.(2019)Factors Related to Help-seeking Process of Chinese International Students in Depressed Situation:Comparing Chinese International Students Studying at Language School to Japanese University Students,Japanese journal of community psychology, 23(1), 34-51.
  • An T.(2018)The difficulties of international students studying at Japanese language school: Analyzing from the data of student advising record, Japanese Journal of Clinical Psychology, 18(6), 754-759.
  • An T., Suganuma, S., Shimoyama, H.(2018)The process of decision making by Chinese international students using Internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MoodGYM), Journal of Japanese Clinical Psychology, 36(3), 299-310.
  • An T.(2017)The need-based support of Chinese international students studying at Japanese language schools: Results of focus group interviews,Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, University of Tokyo, 56, 109-119.
  • An T., Suganuma, S., Ogura,K., Shimoyama, H. (2016)  An overview of Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its prospects in Japan, Japanese Journal of Clinical Psychology,16(2), 219-231.
Scientific Membership

The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology membership
Asia Association for Global Studies Secretary-Treasurer
Japanese Association of Student Counseling membership
Japanese Society of Community Psychology membership and committee member of       International Exchange Committee 
Council Of International Student Advisors of National Universities membership

Social and Outreach Activity

Huaxin Chinese Counselling Room(

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