Title Associate professor
Email kawaguchi@human.tsukuba.ac.jp
Degree Ph.D.
Division Education
Research Field International Education Cooperation
Undergraduate Program School of Human Sciences, College of Education
Graduate School Program (Main) Education (Master's Program, Doctoral Program)
Graduate School Program (Sub)
Research Themes

International Education Cooperation, Inclusive Education in Developing countries, Comparative Studies on Teacher Education

Publications/Major Achievements
  • Petcharee R., Kawaguchi. J and Ozawa. K (2017) “Decentralization Policy in Public Secaondary school in Thailand: A Focus on Finance and Administration in Chiang Mai” Chiang Mai University Journal of Social Science and Humanities.
  • Kawaguchi Jun (2016). Approach to the Rectification of Equity in Secondary Schools in Malawi: An Analysis of the Results of Intervention by a School Management Committee. International Christian University. 1-A. Educational Studies, 58, pp.129-136. International Christian University.
  • Kawaguchi Jun (2013) “Enhancing the Capacity of Science Teachers in Palestine: A Case of Triangular Educational Cooperation between Jordan, Palestine and Japan” JICA-RI,『Tackling Global Challenges Through Triangular Cooperation』175-188.
Scientific Membership

The Japan Society for International Development
Japan Comparative Education Society
Japan Africa Educational Association
The International Society of Volunteer Studies in Japan
Comparative International Education Society
Japan Association for Research into IB Education

Social and Outreach Activity

JICA Experts for Inclusive education project in Malaysia and Suri Lanka

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